Sample Resume for Customer Service Manager

This position is mostly responsible for training, managing, and motivating the team members in achieving higher sales volume. You would also be responsible for contractual agreements between customer and company. Resume of a customer service manager should include experiences as a customer service associate as the starting point of the career. You must layout your skills and abilities in a proper manner so as to encourage an employer to hire you. Clear communications sills, attentiveness, time management skills, and ability to understand customers are some of the important qualities a candidate should possess in order to be a good customer service manager.


Sample Resume for Customer Service Manager

JOB TITLE & SUMMARY: Focused and passionate with positive approach and quality work in delivering clear guidelines and targeted goals. More than 8 years’ experience in customer service including 5 years in management, business relations, and building strong partnership. Self-motivated and ability to work independently with thoroughness in work. Assisted in staff recruitment, training and development in the customer service area. Highly focused in developing business and achieving targets. Possess degree in business management. Possess strong interpersonal communication skills, business and technical skills.

OBJECTIVE: To seek customer service manager position to employ great people skills with positive attitude, and a talent for resolving problems to maintain smooth flow of operations.


Bachelor’s degree in business management (2009)

The University of Alabama


San martin Ltd (2012 – till present)

Designation: Customer service manager

  • Organized customer service teams daily workload and work allocation sheet in an efficient way.
  • Tracking weekly forecast and sending it to the head of the department.
  • Hiring and training efficient customer service associates and motivating them to deliver higher performance.
  • Monitoring inventory and coordinating with customer needs.
  • Giving presentations to new clients and vendors to increase the business relationships.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with directors, MLS and board staff.
  • Earned second to none in the customer service delivery for which company is well known in the market.

Atria Food works, NY (2009 – 2012)

Designation: Customer service associate

  • Handled complaints by resolving more than 200 enquiries in a week, billing questions and service requests.
  • Handled up to 150 calls a day from vendors seeking product and service information.
  • Taking prompt and proper actions during emergency.
  • Supervised new recruits and taking up additional work to assist managers.
  • Drove record high sales score and won “service excellence award” for the month.


  • Strong business and technical skills
  • Strong attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Negotiation and presentation skills with problem solving ability.
  • Ability to create new and profitable business relationships.


  • Excellent communication skills and proficient in English.