Sample Resume for Teenager With No Experience

A teenager with no experience must focus more on his strengths and skills. Extracurricular activities add to the qualities that can be beneficial in bringing them to the workplace. The important areas in your resume would be short summary, education, skills, communication, volunteer work, awards and achievements, extracurricular activities, and references.


Reference gives an edge to the resume. Include all the informal work experience that gives a basic idea of skills imbibed. A teenager with no job experience has no relevant experience of the field he is applying for; hence, points like skills, volunteer work done, and achievements at college and school level must be properly presented.

Sample Resume for Teenager With No Experience

2011 Half moon bay, Kent, WA98053



Highly passionate and enthusiastic in learning new things. Operating knowledge of computer and internet, audio and visual equipment. Worked as Compassionate pet sitter for a year providing in home care to dogs.


To put my basic knowledge and skills to good use in attaining professional and leadership growth in long term.


Kent meridian high school, Kent WA

(Graduation expected June 2018)

Relevant courses

  • Office Systems and Computer Applications


Natural Nature Care (2017-2018)

  • Provided assistance in giving nature interpretation programs.
  • Educating people regarding clean and maintained nature.
  • Attended meetings and workshops with nature care officers.
  • Arranged summer camp for youngsters to inculcate importance of nature.

Pet Sitter (2016-2017)

  • Trained different breeds of dogs using knowledge gained by the expert trainer on job
  • Walked several; dogs each day, responded to each dog’s needs.
  • Implementation of specific plans of care for different breed of dogs.
  • Entrusted with the security of keys of over 15 residential homes.


  • Proficient in MS office (word, Excel and PowerPoint) and internet surfing.
  • Quick learner and able to adapt in any situation and circumstance.
  • Strong leadership skills


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • New hope Animal foundation (San Diego CA)
  • Assisted in summer camp as Volunteer.


  • Academic honor as Best Student for the year 2017.


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