Sample Resume for Business Owner

Resume of a business owner basically covers all the points that give an idea of overall type of business you are into. The requirement for this type of resume generally arises at the time of expansion of the existing business, adding of a new partner, or for capital expansion. In case you’ve incurred loss in the business and are rethinking of joining a company as an employee, then too this type of resume is required. A businessman or woman requires organizing and participating in various conferences and seminars to present their products or services for better response. You need to be specific with the idea while writing a resume for better approach by the prospective clients, employers or partners.


Sample Resume Template for Business Owner




Highly motivated and organized entrepreneur, founder of Tiger steels ltd and worked for over 10 years in the manufacturing and production of iron rods as per specification by the client. Excellent knowledge of machinery. Currently managing a team of 15workers, 1 Sales and marketing manager, 1 accountant and 1 receptionist. Individually handling production and logistics of products and services. Successfully catered to the requirements of process automation, aerospace, mining and textile industries.


Seeking capital for expansion of the existing profitable business for enhancing company’s productivity and reputation.


Business leadership & Business Mentor Course from California Small Business Association

Bachelor of Science – Physics from University of California, CA GPA – 3.4/4.0


Founder of Tiger Steels Ltd (Since 2007)

  • Keeping track of daily factory operations like marketing, production and logistics process.
  • Training and making new workers familiar with the machineries and safety methods while working
  • Planning daily meeting with the sales and marketing manager in bringing new clients and checking the quality of the product to maintain good relations with the existing clients
  • Planning fortnightly meetings with accountants for keeping track with all the tax related, book-keeping and accounting work. Overseeing payroll and full and final settlement of left employees
  • Involved into manufacturing of Steel bars, Piston shaft, bar grinding services, Hydraulic pneumatic cylinder piston rods


  • Proficient with MS office ( Word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook)
  • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Excellent knowledge of business process automation and various machineries used in the manufacturing of the final product


  • Good interpersonal and business communication skills
  • Good Command on English and Spanish ( Can read, write and speak fluently)


  • California Small business Association
  • Accord chamber of Commerce
  • Awarded as “Entrepreneur of the Year (2016)