Sample Resume for Entry Level Registered Nurse

In order to apply for an entry level registered nurse, you need to complete a 2-year course. You can get the degree from a community college. You must meet a certain GPA in order to qualify for the course. On the educational front, you should have an associate degree but most of the hospitals are now upping the qualification level. To improve your chances of grabbing this job, you should be active, organized, hard working, and kind-hearted. You must have proper training in handling medical equipment and procedures.


Sample Resume for Entry Level Registered Nurse

2011 Half moon bay, San Mateo, CA 1001



Nursing RN and recent graduate from a renowned nursing college seeking for good job role in your hospital. Able to handle any medical emergency, assisting physicians in medical procedures, offer guidance to family members. Possess good knowledge about the medical monitoring equipment used. Has proper training and certifications as Anesthetists (CRNAs). Have done internships and worked in collaboration with dentists, podiatrists and anesthesiologists. Flexible schedule availability including late evenings, weekends and emergency situations. Very organized, loving, soft spoken. Dedication towards work with sense of purpose, possess BSC (Nursing) degree.


To obtain a reputed position in a Health care facility center wherein I get to explore my skills, talents and knowledge while providing quality health care.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Chamberlain college of Nursing) May 2017

GPA: 3.5


Criticare- (11/012017 till present)

  • Provided support and assistance to senior Doctors during surgeries.
  • Updated information about 10 patients while monitoring them during their treatment.
  • Providing counseling and education about important health related matters.
  • Provided support to other nurses and doctors whenever required.
  • Treated patients for a variety of minor illnesses and injuries.


  • Problem solving, organizational and management skills.
  • Proficient in medical products and medical equipment used.
  • Have good stamina to work for long hours.


  • Strong communication skills and good command on English language in writing, reading and speaking.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in French language.


  • 2017 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • 2017 Registered Nurse Certification (CRNP)

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