Sample Resume for Recent College Graduate Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is a popular field of study and is increasing in popularity with time. Most of the times, an employer looks out for a lot of experience in a particular area whereas at times recent college graduates are selected to get fresh knowledge and enthusiastic candidate at the job. For a recent college graduate, your resume must be in a hybrid form, i.e. both experience and functional skill based resume is expected. Showcase authority’s skill as is required in scouts, or while volunteering a general cause. Basic educational degree in criminal justice is mandatory.


It’s not necessary that a person studying criminal justice has to shape a criminal policy but rather there are many career options.

Sample Resume for Recent College Graduate Criminal Justice

2011 Half moon bay, San Mateo, CA 1001


JOB TITLE & SUMMARY: Followed ethical values while working, honest and passionate about work. Analytical and critical thinker. Two years of experience as a law teacher to the college students. Proficient in computer knowledge and internet savvy. Excellent command over English, Spanish and German language. Excellent time management, problem-solving skills, research and organizational skills. Possess degree in criminal justice with GPA 3.8 with experience as a teacher.

OBJECTIVE: Looking for a career wherein I get opportunity to serve nation in order to promote a balanced justice to the nation’s people by utilizing my education, military and interpersonal skills.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice (June 2017)

Colorado Christian University.


Mensa Coaching (Sept 2017 – till present)

  • Was tutoring college students in criminal law subject
  • Evaluated performance of each student and gave unbiased feedback.
  • Coordinated with the students and updated the curriculum
  • Presented highly challenging cases to the students to help them understand the topic in detail.
  • Helped them understand the importance of self-study in studying subject like law to develop analytical and critical thinking.
  • Carried out other administrative work of the tutoring class.


  • Proficient in basic computer and internet savvy.
  • Good command over English, Spanish and French.
  • Proficient in English , French and German language
  • Excellent in analytical and critical thinking.
  • Possesses excellent counseling skills