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Sample Resume for Caregiver for Disabled

Caregiver is a person who gives physical, mental, and social support to disabled people. Administering medicine, cleaning them from time to time, taking them for a round, serving meals, assisting in bathing, and informing family members about their daily reports are some of the common job responsibilities attached to this position. Skills like caring, loving, honesty, sturdy physique (if it involves lifting patients), good observation, and stamina are importantly required for this job. As such, education is not that important a criterion but some special training would be appreciated and considered.

Sample Resume for Caregiver for Disabled

2011 Half moon bay, San Mateo, CA 1001


JOB TITLE & SUMMARY: Warm, caring and honest attitude towards work and level headed during duress. Believes in humanity first and then in professionalism. Possesses good training in personal grooming, etiquette and care-giving. Committed towards overall improvement and wellbeing of the elderly. Assisted in mobility, making them feel secure, and taking them for doctors’ visits. Possesses first aid certification and Human services training

OBJECTIVE:  Looking for a career as caregiver in XYZ Company to utilize the skills and experience earned in the previous performed human services job.


Course in human Services (June 2015) from College of California


Service to God (Oct 2015 – till present)

Caregiver to Elderly:


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