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Sample Resume for Career Change to Administrative Assistant

Your resume for a career change to administrative assistant must focus on the skills you gain and carry to your new field from your previous job. There should be some valid uncovering to one’s self when transitioning a career to administrative assistant job. It is not as easy as it sounds to land an altogether different field of work with some other prior work experience. A candidate’s resume must be well crafted to attract employer’s attention while hiring as there might be many resumes with traditional experiences. What is important is to highlight the skills and abilities required in the current job while mentioning achievements and certifications.

Sample Resume for Career Change to Administrative Assistant

2011 Half moon bay, San Mateo, CA 1001


JOB TITLE & SUMMARY: Possess shorthand and typing speed of 90 w.p.m. Highly ambitious, passionate and enthusiastic person with good knowledge of public relations and sales. Good time management, organizational and problem solving skills. Believes in good organization and prioritizing work above everything else. Has worked in extreme pressure for long hours to achieve deadlines. Proficient in computer and internet savvy. Possesses graduate degree in English.

OBJECTIVE:  Looking for a long term career as an administrative assistant that will help me utilize my administrative and organizational skills in the growth of the company.


Bachelors of Arts – English (June 2016) from College of California


Telco Systems Ltd. (Oct 2016 – till present)

Call center Representative:



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