Sample Resume for Attorney at Law

Attorney at law is a practitioner in the court of law. He can legally prosecute and defend his clients’ actions. The educational degree required for this job is Juris Doctor. The Doctor of law is an honorary degree. The highest law degree that can be obtained in the United States is Doctor of Juridical Science and Masters of Law. A person having a professional degree at law but not admitted in the State bar is not an attorney at law but just a lawyer. An attorney must hold a state license.


Sample Resume for Attorney at Law

2011 Half moon bay, San Mateo, CA 1001



Highly efficient at developing creative case strategies. Very innovative and Successful attorney. Over 9 years of experience achieving successful outcomes in court. Well trained and expert in preparing trial, extensive research on case and drafting legal documents. Analytical thinking in solving cases and handling them with proper study and tactic. Exceptional negotiator and outstanding speaker. Strong leadership quality and litigation management. Expertise within intellectual property niche


To make career as a lawyer with a reputed organization wherein I can apply my knowledge of government regulations, laws, legal codes, and precedents.


Juris Doctorate 2008 (Boston University – MA)

University of California (2006 Passed Patent Bar examination)

BSC (Political Science) — 2005


P R law Firm – San Mateo CA (2008 to 2015)

  • Worked in patent and Trademark department for a year producing successful outcome in a number of cases pertaining to acquisition, merger, taxation, and issue of stock.
  • Assisted several companies in incorporation, development, and raising of capital.
  • Was part of top management’s presentations to financial institutions, investors, government entities and other third party.
  • Helped clients obtain patent rights for new medical devices.
  • Paperwork including all documentation work related to legal compliance.
  • Participated as a member of senior team wherein directed all the legal matters for the company’s business units, including project development, sales and acquisitions of project assets and technology related business, medical business, etc.


  • Obtained favorable settlements in over 80% of the cases taken
  • Won $10 MN from a client for winning a case related to property