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Sample Resignation Letter for Assistant General Manager

The position of Assistant General Manager is a position of high responsibility and your resignation from this post may cause a disturbance in the department or division you head. So, in order to minimize the disruption and to make for a smooth transition, you should submit a timely resignation. And once done, it is in the best interest of all parties to keep it confidential till your last working day or a few days before that.

Assistant General Manager Resignation Letter:



Mr. Juan Angel


Eastern Company


Dear Mr. Juan angel,

I hereby submit my irrevocable resignation effective [date] from the post of Assistant General Manager in the administration department of your company.

I appreciate the opportunity you gave me in your company which I consider a market leader in import/export. However, I got an offer in another company that would go better with the degree of Bachelor of Quality Assurance that I recently obtained.

Your Sincerely,
[Your Name]

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