Resignation Letter Template for Factory Worker

Leaving the job with a formal resignation has its own benefits for a factory worker as well. On the one hand, it gives your employer time to find your replacement without disrupting the work whereas on the other, it improves your reliability and employability, and keeps the doors open when you want to come back to your current employer in future. Make it a point to keep your resignation letter short, simple and to the point.


Factory Worker Resignation Letter Template:


Through this, I communicate to you that on [effective date of resignation], I voluntarily terminate the employment relationship by virtue of which had been providing my services to the Company.

I certify that I have been paid on time till date and I had my breaks, bonus, commissions, and other entitlements derived from the Federal Labor Law and Working Individual Contract with the company. Also, during the time I was in the service of the company, I never suffered any accident or occupational disease.

[Your Name]