Resignation Letter Template for Agricultural Entomologist

Agricultural Entomologist is a biological scientist that studies insects like bees, beetles, screw worms, etc. Most of the entomologists are employed by government agencies, followed by colleges and universities; others work for insecticide and pest control companies. Like any other resignation letter, an agricultural entomologist letter too should be courteous and mention the reason for leaving the job.


Agricultural Entomologist Resignation Letter Template:

[Place], [Date]

Mr. [HR Manager Name]

Human Resources Manager

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Dear [HR Manager Name],

It is gratifying to say hello and also communicate my irrevocable decision to resign from the position of agricultural entomologist, effective [Last Working Day].

I have taken this decision to further my professional growth. As a matter of fact, I have been selected by the University of Barcelona, Spain to pursue full-time masters in “Forest Nurseries”.

I am committed to complete all outstanding work and hand over the charge to my boss before the deadline contained in this letter.

I want to thank, through you, to the direction of the company for the support he gave me all this time as well as my immediate supervisor, [Name of the supervisor] who brought the best of professional concepts.

Without further ado I bid you farewell, but not before witnessing the feelings of my personal consideration.


[Your Name]

Agricultural Entomologist