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How to Create a Project Plan Template in Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a software application for work management and collaboration. It looks like a spreadsheet and allows users to share and assign tasks, besides providing several other functions. Smartsheet has a number of pre-designed project plan templates that come integrated with Gantt chart and some essential computational formulas.

Following are the broad steps involved in creating a project plan template in Smartsheet:

  1. Choose a template: Login to your Smartsheet account and choose a “Project with Gantt Timeline” template. Give it a suitable name.
  2. Enter your project tasks: Replace the sample data with your project tasks. Insert and delete columns as required.
  3. Enter the task dates: Enter the start and end dates for each task. You can either choose the dates by clicking on the calendar icon or enter them manually.
  4. Enter the task status: In the “% complete” column, enter the completion status for each task.
  5. Enter information in the “assigned to” column: Enter the name of the person responsible for each task. You can either enter this information manually or choose a contact from the drop-down menu.
  6. Customize your template: Customize the template using font styling and background colors for rows and columns. You can also change the Gantt chart colors through color settings by right-clicking on a task bar.
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