5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

With heaps of resumes lying before the recruiter, chances often are that your resume will go unnoticed like those of many other candidates. So, in order to improve your chances of getting the job, the very first thing you need to do is to make your resume attract the attention of your employer who is often hard pressed for time. But that’s by no means a small feat to achieve.


Here are some quick tips on how you can make your resume stand out from the crowd:

1. Make your experience look closer to the job position advertized

The simplest way is to illustrate the experience, earned on anterior jobs, making it look closer to the desired job. Try to write in the resume more advantageous things about you and your experience, but remember not to go too far.

2. Make the design and format of the resume unique and attractive

The format, the way the resume is designed, must draw attention to your precedent jobs or any other fact that is relevant to the job. You can highlight, underline the information you want to be remarked.

3. Using keywords can do the trick

Use keywords in your resume. Identify the terms that are OK to use in your resume regarding the job’s announcement. Note down what would be important for the employer to see in your resume and then, redact your resume using the keywords.

4. Sell yourself

Ensure that the resume’s content is written in an engaging style in order to ‘sell’ you to the recruiter. The resume can be written using different styles. It is recommended to use a positive tone and improve your image. For example, instead of writing that you managed the remuneration, you’d rather say that you managed the salaries for over 500 employees.

5. Anticipate employer’s questions

It doesn’t matter if the job’s announcement doesn’t contain all the detailed responsibilities which you’ll have; try to identify them and note down the necessary abilities in the resume. For example, in the description of the job for a secretary, it isn’t actually specified that she must type fast, though it is necessary. Try to anticipate employer’s questions at the job interview and mention in your resume that you can type over 50 words per minute.