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Sample Resume for Executive Assistant to Senior Executive

An executive assistant performs secretarial duties like looking after correspondence, coordinating meetings and schedules, making travel arrangements, etc. On the educational qualification front, you should at least have a high school diploma but in order to increase your chances of getting the job, you should also possess technical skills like typing, computer operation, secretarial certification, etc. The candidate needs to be reliable and well organized, and hence the CV for this position should highlight these traits. Given below is a CV for the position of executive assistant to senior executive.

Sample resume template for executive assistant to senior executive

Name: ________________

Address: ______________

Mobile: _______________

Email: ________________

Resume Summary

Highly skilled at coordinating schedules, organizing meetings, making travel arrangements. A self-motivated individual with multi-tasking capability and solid work ethics. Good communication skills and attention to detail.

Skills and Abilities


_______________ to current

Executive Assistant to CEO at ___________ (Name and address of the company)

Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

______________________ (Year of passing and Name of the school)

Private certification in Accounting, Business Communication and MS Office


Available on request

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