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Sample Resume for Customer Service Representative

The main role of a customer service representative involves solving customers’ problems and keeping them happy. Though the companies offer extensive training for this, it is equally important for the candidate to possess the right attitude and skills. Hence, while preparing a CV for the position of a customer service representative, you should ensure that you highlight the skills expected for this position. Given below is an example CV for customer service representative.

Sample resume template for customer service representative

Name: _______________________

Address: ______________________

Phone: _______________________

Email: ________________________

Career Objective

To seek a career as a Customer Service Representative in a leading business organization and use my skills and knowledge to increase the customer base of the organization I work for.

Educational Qualification

Degree in _____________ from ________________

Courses and Certifications



Worked as Customer Service Representative in ______________________ from ____________ to ___________


Personal information

Marital Status: Married, with _______ children

Date of Birth: _________________

Interests: Playing chess, watching movies, internet surfing

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