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Sample Resignation Letter Recommending Replacement

When you leave a job on good terms with your employer, you may often feel like recommending a replacement to fill the position that you’d be vacating. Replacement recommendation has dual benefits: you will be getting your friend or acquaintance a job (for which he/she will be grateful to you), and you employer will be happy to know that you still care for the company. But how does recommendation go with a resignation letter? You may ask. Well, here’s how you do it.

Resignation Letter Template Recommending Replacement:


Dear [Your Boss Name],

It is with regret that I have to inform you of my decision to resign from my job with the company with effect from [date], which will be my last working day in this esteemed organization. This is due to the reason that I have accepted an offer that better suits my educational qualification and skills.

I will be glad to help in handing over my job responsibilities or train another employee as my replacement. I would also take this opportunity to recommend my friend [friend’s name] as a suitable candidate to fill the vacated position. He has been working as [designation] and holds an overall experience of 5 years. I’d be glad to ask him to forward you his resume if you like.

I am thankful to you and the company for giving me an opportunity to serve in this challenging position; it has taught me a lot of things and helped me to develop essential skills for my career. I will always remember the wonderful days I spent in this awesome company.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]



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