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Sample Resignation Letter for Computer Programmer

Computer programmer’s main role involves coding for computers, carrying out trial runs of computer programs and applications, documenting the development of a computer program, etc. With the sudden boom in information technology, job market for computer programmers has gone up like anything. Hence, frequent change in job for better opportunity is not a new thing for a computer programmer, and you may need to write a resignation letter more often than others. So, here is how your resignation letter should look like.

Computer Programmer Resignation Letter:



Mr. Marcelo Almo

Human Resources Manager

ABC Company


Dear Mr. Marcelo Almo,

I hereby submit my resignation formally irrevocable effective [date], from the position of computer programmer, which I served for three years.

During my tenure with the company, I had the opportunity to learn various aspects of new technologies. However, since I got a degree in Advertising and Marketing and wish to make a career specifically in this domain, I had to take this decision.

I appreciate the warmth and cooperation given to me during all this time in this prestigious company.

Your sincerely,
[Your Name]

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