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Sample Resignation Letter Before Starting the Job

Many a time, as it happens especially with fresh college graduates, you attend multiple job interviews and get selected for more than one job by different companies. Now since you can’t take up multiple jobs simultaneously, you need to choose one job to stick with, and resign from others. Though it may be little embarrassing to resign from a job even before you join it, a bit tact and straight forwardness can do the trick. Here is how to write a resignation letter in such a situation.

Resignation Letter Before Joining the Company:


[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Att. [Name of Department Staff]

Dear Sir,

Thank you for trusting me for the post of [post name] in your reputed company.

As I informed you during the interview last month, I was taking part in other selection processes as well. Unfortunately last week I accepted the offer made ​​to me by [company name], and on Monday joined them as computer trainee. The post that you offered me is interesting but since I’ve already committed to them, at this time I would be an employee of [company name]. However, I would not rule out the possibility to again offer my candidature in the future.

I reiterate my appreciation for all your attention during the selection process, and the satisfaction that I feel to have received a firm offer from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

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