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17 Personality Traits Employers Look for in Potential Employees

Most of the job interviews involve questions that are used to profile a candidate in order to assess their suitability for the job and the company. Some recruiters will give you a call before they will grant an interview to verify some information, be ready for this. This is done to eliminate some possible candidates. Here is a list of questions you might be asked during such a phone interview:

What does the interviewer look for during the interview? Managers conducting the interview will measure the candidate on quite a few different sets of criteria. He will use these criteria as “measurements” to see if a candidate fits the requirements of the position.

Broadly speaking, here are some criteria used by interviewers to measure candidates.

There are 17 personality traits the prudent manager will look for during the interview. On occasion, the type of questions the manager asks might change during the interview to learn more about your different personality traits. Following is a short list of these traits:

Personal profile:

Personal profiling is used to understand your personality, habits and behavior:

Professional profile:

Professional profiling measures your professional skills, capability and attitude towards work:

Business profile:

Business profiling tends to assess how efficiently you will use, and what addition you will make, to the resources of the company:

So, the next time you answer those simple sounding questions from the interviewer, just keep these things in mind.

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