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Dressing for Success: How to Dress for a Job Interview

If you do not make a good first impression, you destroy any chance to convince employers, or, in any case, you will have few chances to convince them during the interview.

Non-verbal communication is very important – given how carefully entering a room, and also how you dress. Whenever someone comes into a room, whether it is an office for interviews, or a pub, people who are in there will have some certain opinions about that person. These opinions are usually on the direction, “is like me,” or “is not like me.” One of the characteristics depending on where we do these opinions is how is the person, and how to dress.

Usually, the employers try to observe how you integrate in their corporation.

It is not recommended to amaze interviewer with a glam appearance or the latest trends of fashion. The secret is to look professional.

A suit is always appropriate with an interview, even if the company appears to be a relaxed, where everyone wears jeans and shirts. Although it may seems strange, but is an alarming number of interviewers – both men and women – who feel more comfortable in front of a lady who wears a skirt and a shirt than a suit with pants.

Costumes should be merged: black, dark gray or navy, or discrete models. Classic black suits are the best.

The shirts should not be colorful, white and blue are more elegant. Avoid, strong perfume or aftershaves. Wear a little jewelry and accessories.

We all have been in a position to meet people who like not found their place once entering a room, and we asked “Who are you looking for?” Certainly you will not want your interviewer to put the same question. Do face the situation; show the interviewer that you care enough for this job and how to integrate the environment. Give him a chance to give you a chance.

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